Noise Neighbourhood Measurement

How to Objectively Measure Noise Annoyance.

People exposed to noise often suffer not only as a result of the noise itself, but also because a simple sound level measurement does not correspond to their subjective assessment. The noise is disturbing despite being under the official limit values….

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electronic lab Testing

How to objectively test a high-end audio system? Part…

The second and last part of this article continues with the installation of the high-end audio sound system in the customer’s house. We also discuss several aspects of service and repair, as well as quality control management. The article ends with a recap of the most important points from part I and II.

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Noise at work Measurement

Why do some rooms feel noisier than others?

Do you know this feeling? You enter a room and find it uncomfortable. Maybe you feel the room is too noisy, have difficulty following a conversation, detect a dull pressure on your ears, or feel tired? The causes can be due to the acoustics of the environment.

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Live Sound setup Know How

Problems with your PA system sound?

There are tons of articles or videos to set up live sound systems, but what to do if they get disrupted during the process? I have listened to something and can summarize the following tips of the professionals.

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