Loudspeaker Manufacturing Testing

How to objectively test a high-end audio system?

When talking about high-end audio systems, what comes to mind are incredible sound reproduction and reliability; an ultimate sound experience. What would we like to take for granted? That the best materials are being used. How we feel about the sound we hear is down to personal taste – a subjective judgement. On the other hand it is necessary to create objective tests that produces reliable, comparable and traceable results. This is how we do it.

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Loudspeaker-Testing Testing

How do I test the quality of the loudspeakers…

Recently, the LIS2017 magazine published my article about Quality Control EOL testing of acoustic devices. This inspired me to share the information in this blog. I divided the topic into two articles. An understanding of the basics and careful planning will prevent you from having to struggle in the latter stages. In this first part I will guide you through the design and preparation of the test and the test environment. The second part will cover system calibration & maintenance.

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